Advanced SEO tips (2022 edition)
for those who understand that in order to be successful in SEO, you must do and think your SEO differently

Let's talk about SEO jobs and careers
Did you know that many people in SEO change jobs every few years. What this means is that they spend 25-50% of their working life either in probation or seeking a new job. If you want something different, then read more.
Message from SEO lovedoctor: Queen Google is a lady, start treating her like that
Falling out of Google┬┤s grace is lot like losing the love of your loved one. It hurts, and recovery is not easy nor certain. Come on in, SEO lovedoctor has got some advice for you that applies both in human relationships and SEO.
Advanced SEO tip#5: Dealing with negative SEO attack
Instead of writing a normal SEO case study that showcases full story from start to finnish (usually leading to success), this is a live case SEO study on how to deal with negative SEO attack. What you are reading is happening live NOW. I have no way of knowing how long it takes for Google to respond changes. And I have no way of knowing what effect (if any) the changes will have. Maybe the live format adds a bit of excitement to the story, maybe not. All in all I think this will become a very good example about the unpredictable timelines that come with SEO.
Advanced SEO tip#4: Change is constant, embrace the change
Whether it is life or SEO, the only constant is change. Thus from SEO success perspective, it is important to understand how you deal and manage with change and expectations. This is ground where SEO meets psychology and growth hacking.
Advanced SEO tip#3: Google Search Console Crawl Request Breakdown, the unsung hero of onsite SEO
Crawl Request Breakdown is one of the most undervalued SEO tools. Basically it is a very efficient delivery and UX tool, giving you direct historic data about the ups and downs that Googlebot faced when crawling your site.
Advanced SEO tip#2: Measuring SEO success - choose your KPI metrics carefully
Measuring SEO success carries a number of similarities to challenge of measuring weight loss or any other 'self improvement' project. If you expect results fast, then you will fail. If you try to get instant results, then you will fail. If you give up working or measuring, then you will fail. Measuring SEO success is difficult even at best, but with these professional tips you hopefully will avoid some of the common issues.
Advanced SEO tip#1: Link building is all about creativity
Link building is possibly the hardest part of SEO for many. Within this tip I will discuss several advanced topics, such as picking the right audience, identifying psychological biases and factors that might prevent you from getting backlinks, and of course finding the balance between organic vs. paid link sources.

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